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Blogger Web Design

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Why we Use Blogger?

 We've done a lot of research about content management systems, both for myself and for the people whose web sites we manage. We wanted some kind of wiki-blog system that we can use for: Our own writing group writing, e.g., technical documentation written and maintained by a group of people storing useful links storing useful content that it's legal to store publicly storing useful content that it's not legal to -- or I don't want to -- store publicly and making it viewable only to me conversations and annotations about each of the above items searching all of the above and presenting the search results in lots of different ways, e.g., by date, by popularity, by tag, as a feed, etc. The hardest part of the system we are dreaming of is spam management. As I've said before, the wiki-blog spam problem is the same as the email spam problem and the solution is the same: Let someone else do it! (Unless you want to be a full-time system administrator.)

GT mediex design creates the best blogger templates for your sites. We also provide every client with the support on their sites even if its a simple site contructed by Blogger.